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Advantages of ventilation

Ventilation in the barn is one of the essential elements to guarantee the correct level of health in the environment and to give animals such a wellness, which enables them to live, produce and breed in the best way.

The best solution of forced ventilation is the one provided by ceiling fans, named destratifiers: an air breeze which decreases the perceived temperature during summer months and redistribute hot air to the soil during winter months.

A good ventilation is necessary to ensure health and animal welfare, in particular:

  • Distancing harmful gases coming from metabolic processes and manure fermentation;
  • Removing particles and atmospheric microbes;
  • Removing excess water vapour;
  • Providing the necessary oxygen intake;
  • Dissipating heat and reducing at the same time the consumption of drinking water.

CMP destratifiers are expertly designed in order to circulate the air effectively, providing the most efficient solution of air recirculation to farming environments.

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Customized service

During the preliminary inspection, CMP collects all the significant data, necessary to our technical department to design a customized system able to meet the requirements of all our customers.

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