Ventilation improves cattle beef wellbeing

Ventilation improves cattle beef wellbeing

Ventilation improves cattle beef wellbeing

CMP Impianti, in collaboration with Bologna and Padua Universities and thanks to C.R.P.A. (Animal Productions Research Center) professionals and to the partnership with Buiatri Onlus veterinarians, has been studying for years cattle beef behavior and necessities, with bedding and on grating, deepening their needs and proving the ventilation benefits.

The use of fans supporting natural ventilation in farms has become in recent years an essential element in order to ensure animal thermal wellbeing during the summer period, characterized by intense heat waves combined with high environmental humidity.

Some advantages:

  1. Air changes inside farms
  2. removal of ammonia emissions
  3. Lower replacement of hay
  4. Less slippery gratings

An animal enjoying wellbeing conditions ingests a lower amount of water (about 10 lt per day), thus generating a chain reaction: urine reduction and, as a consequence, drier bedding.
A higher animal stress, on the contrary, causes an increase of the mortality risk.

Tests carried out by the MAPS department of Padua University in summer 2014 have proved how the use of fans in assistance to the natural air circulation in a farm of cattle beef bred on bedding, has permitted to reduce the bedding humidity under equal conditions.

In fact, bedding tested in boxes ventilated by CMP Impianti fans has shown a humidity index of 63% against the 70% detected in bedding without a ventilation system.

Ventilation improves animal wellbeing and market yield

This is what the research “The role of ventilation within the control of gas emissions inside bovine shelters: animal wellbeing and environmental aspects”, carried out by Clelia Rumor and Flaviana Gottardo, who work at the Animal Medicine, Productions and Health (MAPS) Department of Padua University, has said in accordance with the revelations of the CMP Impianti destratifiers.

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