How much does a livestock barn destratification system cost?

How much does a livestock barn destratification system cost?

Factors and characteristics that affect the estimate for a livestock barn destratification fan. How should I assess an estimate?

The cost of a destratification fan for a livestock barn depends on a large number of factors and it is not easy to compare supply quotations correctly without in-depth knowledge of the subject. Following is an outline of the main aspects, to allow you to assess the various technical and cost quotations you receive from the various potential suppliers correctly.

Fan diameter

Size counts when calculating the cost of a destratification fan: blade sizes may vary from 3 to 7 m (blade tip/blade tip).

Blade sizes

The more the product needs significant dimensional tolerances, which mean design size tolerances to be complied with, the more care needs to be taken over the destratification fan’s design and construction. Naturally, the length and width of the blades themselves affect the price.

The type of control unit used

The electrical control unit provided may vary depending on duty requirements, ranging from simple models to more complex THI Advanced models.

Mounting brackets

The characteristics of the destratification fan’s installation environment affects its price.

Blade customisation

Due consideration should be given to looks. The CMP-impianti technical department is able to provide the right solution to your needs and match your tastes.

After this quick look at the various features it is clear that a technical and cost estimate must be assessed in its entirety. Moreover, remember that price alone is unable to express the offer’s technological merits and is not synonymous with production quality.


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