First International Dealer Meeting

First International Dealer Meeting


All our dealers from around the world (Europe, Canada, South America, The middle East, Asia and Africa) gathered together from the 13th to the 15th of October, to attend the first CMP Impianti International Dealer Meeting.
It will be an amazing occasion to celebrate our dealers and friends that are supporting us from all around the world.

The main event, on 14th of October directly at the head office, will begin with an introduction from the owners of CMP Impianti, Mauro, Paolo and Claudio and will end with a short presentation about ventilation benefits in industrial environments.

Will follow five speakers who will present various points of view regarding the Animal Wellbeing and the Ventilation.
The Speakers:

Prof. Carlo Sgoifo

Professor at Veterinary University of Milan, head of the scientific department of the fattening cattle

Presentation title: Do you know the negative effects heat stress can have on beef cattle?

Mattia Fustini

Mattia Fustini

DVM PhD at University of Bologna

Presentation title: Heat stress in dairy cattle. Implications on reproduction & lameness

Marzio Miodini

Founder and Director of CowMatix, one of the biggest expert on the zootechnical technologies

Presentation title:Heat Stress Management


Segev Segaltchick

Top Manager in big farms in Turkey

Presentation title: Successful management decisions in large dairy farms

Nadav Cohen

Nadav Cohen

Expert in the biggest Isreaeli Zootechnic company

Presentation title:The revolution of ceiling fan in the Israel dairy farm

This will be the first CMP International dealer meeting, a day for us and our dealers to exchange ideas, analyze and plan how will be the best future for the Animal Wellbeing with CMP Impianti all around the world.

We can summarize all this day in our new claim:


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