Eurotier 2016 Exhibition

Eurotier 2016 Exhibition

Eurotier 2016 Exhibition

Also this year we will partecipate in the Eurotier 2016 Exhibition, the most important international zootechnical exhibition that will take place in Hanover, from 15th to 18th November.
Come to visit our beautiful stand: Pavilion 12 – place B25.

In order to guarantee wellness and health, bovines need to be supported with good air quality and overall appropriate climatic conditions.
A proper ventilation is key to remove harmful gases, eliminate dust and excess water steam and, most importantly, to reduce the extremely negative impact of heat stress.
When natural ventilation is not enough, it becomes critical to find an additional source of good quality air. The ceiling fans from CMP Impianti are the best solution in order to thwart the factors that trigger the negative consequences of this stress on animals!

The Zefiro Line is the flagship of CMP Impianti! It is patented and 100% made in Italy!

The most important features of Zefiro are:

  • brushless motor (permanent magnet) with on board inverter for automatic activation
  • automatic and independent speed regulation
  • possibility to manage the ventilation system with wireless signal
  • extremely high performance (power consumption savings that reach 50%)
  • diameter from 3 until 7 m, impeller with 5 or 6 blades
  • customizable blades and flaps



There are various versions of Zefiro, the Vertigo line being the top one.
The strong points that make Vertigo the most versatile and adaptable ceiling fan on the market are:

  • special structure enabling it to operate horizontally, or be tilted from 0° to 90°
  • optimization of the air flow in even the most complex situations, like spaces where a horizontal fan doesn’t fit
  • Installed with or without protective grids



Today our products are appreciated by more then two thousand farmers in Italy and abroad. The ceiling fans of CMP Impianti are sold and distributed in Israel, Germany, Vietnam, Iran, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and many other countries:

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