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From Ø 4m to 7m

Zefiro destratifiers are the flagship of CMP.

The main feature of this product is the brushless (permanent magnet) motor, which deploys an on-board mechanism for automatic and independent speed control. This innovation eliminates the gear motor located in traditional asynchronous motors, thus reducing the presence of mechanical parts subject to wear. All this results in lower maintenance requirements, greater efficiency and lower consumption.

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Permanent magnets engine

Gearless technology design and manufacturing are the product of CMP expertise. Highest levels of performance and energy efficiency. No gearbox, minimum maintenance, reduced noise.

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On-board motor control

More compact and lighter onboard inverter controller, with power input voltage 1 or 3 phases 50/60 Hz. Speed and safety during installation are guaranteed by the plug and play solutions, given fast connections availability.

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Aluminium blades

The particular shape of the aluminium blades generates more airflow over the entire speed range, while maintaining low power consumption. These blades create the ideal airflow for an optimal area coverage, combining maximum volume, speed and air delivery to the space below.

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