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Performance Line

From Ø 1.3m to 1.6m

VSL VERTIGO are axial fans with gear motor, ideal for all those situations requiring a large ventilation diameter. This is an extraordinarily functional and at the same time low-cost product. The particular feature of this series of products is the extreme versatility and compactness due to a lightened frame and a compact gear motor.
CMP fan rotation steel mounting frame
Compact gearmotor
Coaxial reducer with integrated asynchronous motor at high efficiency. Low maintenance costs and long life service.
Aluminium blades
The particular shape of the aluminium blades generates more airflow over the entire speed range, while maintaining low power consumption. These blades create the ideal airflow for an optimal area coverage, combining maximum volume, speed and air delivery to the space below.
CMP cooling wetting ventilation lighting barn cattle breeding
Safety net
Simple assembly, lightweight and compact design.
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