Realization of hydraulic systems for livestock breeding

CMP designs and realizes complete plumbing and heating systems for livestock breeding.

The project includes:

  • General water supply system;
  • Animal drinking water system with particular attention to water heating;
  • Hot water system for the cleaning of the necessary technological equipment (milk fridge, milking parlor, milking robot);
  • Complete heating station for the various production processes management;
  • Hygienic and sanitary facilities of the possible additional rooms (changing rooms, bathrooms, offices).
  • Drinking water heating in the existing farms;
  • Exploitation of existing energy sources;
  • Use of heat generated by biogas systems;
  • Pressurization units.
Impianti di ventilazione

Customized service

During the preliminary inspection, CMP collects all the significant data, necessary for our technical department to design a customized system able to meet the requirements of all our customers.