Our values

Competence, Modernity, Respect of the Customer and Social Sustainability.
CMP designs and realizes systems made to last over the time: every farmer knows the importance of these values, that’s why trusting CMP is the correct choice.


We attract the best talents and professionals of the sector to offer the most evolved consulting to our Customers. A consulting, the one of CMP, which is based on solid knowledge, as the result of thousands of experiences realized in Italy and in over 50 countries in the world: from the analysis of Customer’s needs to the installation time. We know what we say.


Everything in CMP is constantly in evolution. Starting from our products, which represent the market’s benchmark. Every little detail is studied to improve performances and reliability: CMP products are born to last over time and to satisfy expectations and necessities. At first sight, competitors’ products can seem similar to the ones of CMP, but there is nothing more wrong. Zefiro by CMP, for example, is a unique product, CMP is always one step ahead. Actually, two. Attention to details is what distinguishes us.

Respect of the customer

We respect our Customers and our Competitors: this is the reason why we arrange updated technical datasheet for each product, which underline precise and verifiable data on site. We are ready to share studies and researches with our Customers, with the aim of motivating our proposals. We present to the Customer clear and exhaustive projects for a free comparison of the offers. We work with commitment to keep improving speed and quality of our answers and, if we are wrong, we always take our responsibility.

Social sustainability

We are the first ones to have bet on high energy-saving engines in the sector of zootechnics ventilation: we marked the way and, seen the importance of our idea, we have been taken as a reference. After years, our products are still unbeatable in the ratio performance/consumption and our efficiency is always on the top. We have been the first ones to have bet on products with the aim of optimising the consumption of water in barns. Again, we marked the way, and again our products are the point of reference in the market. We study solutions, which guarantee high performances, but without the waist of electric energy. We manage all the phases of production and logistics with an eye on the environment, restraining the use of plastic and cardboard packaging.
CMP provides each customer with a series of customizations, both from the functionality point of view and from the aesthetic one, to satisfy even the most complex needs. Contact us to receive a project for free. Depending on your specific needs, our technical office will dimension the system in order to guarantee the best result.
We project and realise systems made to last over time.
The modern farmer knows well, that in these matters, before looking at the price, you look at something else. You look at CMP. Our style testify who we are today and who we want to be in the future.