Interview to Celal Dayioğlu

I am Celal Dayioğlu, and I am an Animal Scientist.

It has been 16 years that I am working for dairy industry as a farm manager and nutritionist. It has been more than 7 years I am also giving consultancy service to progressive dairy farms.

Celal Dayioğlu


Do you think ventilation and cooling are two must-haves for improving livestock performance and improving farm productivity and efficiency?

For sure air quality and air conditioning is two important topics for animal welfare which is critical for profitable and sustainable production. I am working mainly İzmir area in Turkiye and during summer season, the temperature reaches 40 degree Celsius with high humidity, thanks to correct ventilation and cooling systems I had really successful results like less milk yield drop during summer time, better animal health and reproduction also less flies.

In a modern dairy farm, is a proper ventilation strategy strictly required to improve comfort, milk production during the summer months, and the general barn environment?

We would have better air quality and homogeneous flow with a proper ventilation strategy and this is essential for any farm that want to be successful, especially heat stress region like Turkiye. Unfortunately there are some farms are suffering due to lower margin in their business and bad reproduction results during summer time, they have a common topic that poor ventilation and cooling management.

Based on your experience, could you say that CMP fans are an effective and inexpensive way to reduce heat stress and keep your herd healthy and productive?

I can easily say yes. I did many comparisons and calculations on my consultancy farms about, milk yield, reproduction results, electricity consumption, maintenance cost so return of investment, CMP always the best.

According to CMP customers all over the world, CMP fans guarantee the highest payback in terms of investments. In fact, their action allows to increase productivity, rest time and decrease health issues. Do you agree?

I think this is the best approach for a ventilation systems company, focusing animal welfare, improving health status of the herd, reducing effects of heat stress and while doing all of these using the best technology and know-how with cost effective way. I am happy to collaborating with CMP such a long time.

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