Livestock health through forced cooling

Conversation with Segev Segalchick

Ventilation and cooling system to improve animal welfare and productivity

My name is Segev Segalchick, involved in the Dairy business for more than 25 years as Farm Manager, General Manager and consultant in Israel and around the world. I have degree of Animal engineer from Ruppin Academy in Israel and several study in Academy in US, Spain and others.

Segev Segalchick

Segev Segalchick, farm manager and consultant.

Do you think that ventilation and cooling are two must-have products in order to improve the performance of livestock and to improve productivity and farm efficiency?

Absolutely! For high milk production the cow body MUST be in the right temperature, otherwise she will invest energy in order to balance the body temperature, energy that we need to produce more milk; the right diet will give more efficiency.

In a modern dairy farm, a proper ventilation strategy is strictly required in order to improve the comfort, the milk production during the summer months and, generally, the barn environment?

That is true, to buy fans is not enough! You should create the right protocols of using them during all the year and especially in the hot season.

Constant air movement improves overall air quality, sweeps unpleasant odors out of the barn, disperses ammonia gas and gives the herd a cool breeze. Can we say that comfortable cows are productive cows?

Yes, all that mention above effects positively on cow comfort and prevent from the cow stress situation: a happy cow is a productive cow!

According to your experience, could you say that CMP fans are an effective and inexpensive way to reduce heat stress and to keep the herd healthy and productive?

CMP solution is the most efficient way to prevent heat stress. By choosing CMP, you choose low electricity consumption, high fan reliability and low operation cost, compare to other companies is proven. The know-how and the knowledge of CMP is more than excellent!

It seems that thousands of CMP customers spread all over the world could guarantee that CMP fans get the highest payback on customers’ investments. Because of the increased productivity, the increased rest time, the reduced cows feed intake and the reduced health issues, such as fewer and respiratory problems. Do you agree?

Agree in 100%, the professional results of the farm that start to use CMP fans and CMP protocols are significantly improve in very short time. Happy and healthy cow = better milk and efficiency farm.

Cows comfort research say that cows ventilation and cows cooling sustain the heat abatement. We have already talked about ventilation, but what can we say more about cooling? Is that true that cows must be properly cooled during hot weather in order to face summer heat?

Yes, only ventilation can’t eliminate the whole heat stress and decrease the body temperature of the cows to normal temperature during the summer. The way to do it is FORCE cooling, combination of high-speed wind and wetting of the cows, this process need multiple times during the day and the night in order to maintain the temperature low.

In order to cool, CMP suggests that soaking lines are suitable over feeding lanes by using specific soaking nozzles: in fact, droplet size should be large enough to soak the skin cows. What’s your opinion about that?

Although feeding lines is one of the places for cooling cows, I refer also to mention the cooling in waiting area and in large farm in additional cooling yard. The ability for force cooling in this 2 areas much more easier from operation side and promise that all the cows will cooled in the same quality and time. CMP realizes the best cooling yard systems and waiting areas that I have seen in my long experience as consultant worldwide.

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