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Designed and developed in-house by CMP, the ventilation and cooling control units respond to the various system design requirements perfectly, guaranteeing the maximum operating efficiency and energy savings. Each control unit consists of a power supply switchboard and a remote panel for system control and setup. The probes required for temperature and/or humidity monitoring are supplied as appropriate; a wind speed sensor for protection against strong gusts is supplied, too.

Moreover, the THI System control unit line is CMP patented, making it the only one in Italy capable of providing combined, automatic control of ventilation and cooling systems through control of the thermal humidity index (THI). An excessive increase in temperature is the main cause of falls in productivity in mammals. Heat stress is measured by means of the environment’s thermal humidity index (THI); heat stress begins at a THI of 72. When stress-inducing conditions occur, external intervention is required to return the animal’s body temperature to comfortable levels

When ventilation is not enough, cooling is also an option

If ventilation alone is not sufficient, the solution may be a cooling system: cattle are simultaneously sprinkled with water and cooled with a fan to stimulate evapotranspiration and reduce their body temperature. The most effective system is sprinkling with water in one minute cycles at 5 minute intervals.
Our engineers recommend installation in the waiting area, wetting the cattle from above, at the exit from the milking parlour, where cows have built up considerable heat, and in the feeding area, where the sprinkling system is installed above the self-catches. The sprinkler nozzles are placed 2.5 metres apart; the drops must be large in diameter, with no misting.





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